Bruichladdich 2001 Resurrection 2

Bruichladdich 2001 Resurrection 2001Bruichladdich has become one of the best distilleries in Scotland.  This particular whisky is a special release celebrating reopening of the distillery in 2001 (after being closed since 1994).  It was also a special run because the barley used for this release was peated at 10ppm versus their usual 3-5ppm.  Finally, there are only 24,000 bottles of this special release available … so get them while you see them!

First, normally I don’t make a note of the color of a whisky unless something is special, which this one is (and not just because you cannot see through the aqua bottle).  This is a very pale whisky … but then it is only 7 years old!

The nose is very light but you can clearly pick out two main smells: peat & barley.  Upon hitting your tongue, this is a very soft whisky … slightly sweet with a touch of brine.  Yet, the surprise with this one comes when you swallow and put down your glass!  It sneaks up on you with a surprisingly strong finish of peat and smoke.

This is a sneaky dram … it looks all innocent in the glass, tastes all innocent at first, and then it, ito paraphrase some of the comments from the other night at St Johns, it kicks you in teeth!

But, that feature along makes it something worth trying, because I have never had that experience with a whisky before trying Resurrection.


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