Isle of Jura Superstition 1

This is another of the whiskies from the St John’s tasting on 20 Feb 09

Isle of Jura SuperstitionThe Isle of Jura Distillery is the only one on the small island, along with one pub, one shop, and a once-a-week visting bank.  The distillery employs about 20 people or about a tenth of the island population (compared to over 5000 deer).

Superstition is their undated single malt whisky … but, it seems from the descriptions of it, that it is actually some type of vatted whisky.  In reality, that does not really matter because it is taste that matters.

The aroma coming out of the glass is one of lapsang souchong (one of my favorite black teas) with a touch of sweetness.  This is a smoky and spicy drink, but it is balanced with touches of honey, almonds, and oak – a flavour that becomes bigger towards the finish.  Like its nearby neighbors from Islay, this has a long and interesting finish.

While this is not my favorite island whisky, it is an interesting midpoint between the strong Islay styles and the more general Highland style.

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