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Black Bottle Close-up This whisky is a very unique blend – Black Bottle is a blend of Islay malts, displaying many of the characteristics of the seven Islay distilleries.  Yet, unlike many of the malts that go into it, this is a very reasonably priced whisky (generally found at around £15).

The nose on this whisky is fairly light (fresh & fruity, almost floral), but has the characteristics of any Islay malt (smoke & peat) also present.

This is a very easy drinking whisky.  It is not overpowering, is slightly sweet, and moves towards being smokey at the end.  The most recent bottle that I tasted (on 20 Feb 09 at the tasting I held at St John’s) was less peaty than I remember (but the last time, I may have been drinking the 10y version), but in some ways it makes it an easier to approach dram.

More than anything else, this is whisky is a great value for money drink, especially if you are a fan of Islay malts.

Another version (the 10y blend), is also available.  It differs from the original blend because it only contains malts from Islay and is both smokier and peatier than its little brother.

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